Outsourcing & Business Setup Practice

We provide process oriented and quality service in the outsourcing of :
> Payroll Management
> Accounts Management.
> MIS reports
> Financial Analysis

Our Business Setup practice is targeted at International companies wishing to start their operations in India. Foreign companies wishing to start operations in India are unaware of all the various registration processes required to start business. This information though may be available from diverse sources, the practice of same includes procuring the various registrations and compliance with procedure for hassle free setup. We assist the new startups in India in the following areas:

1 Registration with Software Technology Park of India, Pune.
2 Registration under the Shops and Establishments Act.
3 Registration under the Profession Tax Act.
4 Registration with Central Excise and Customs.
5 Obtaining IEC (Import Export) Code.
6 Applying to the Income tax department and obtaining PAN (Permanent account number)
7 Applying to the Income tax department and obtaining TAN (Tax Deduction account number)
8 Registration with ESIC (Employees state Insurance Corporation).
9 Registration with PF Authorities (Provident Fund) and obtaining registration number.
10 Sales tax / VAT registration.
11. Facilitation for employee enrollment.
12. Bank account opening and bank management.
13. Facilitation for temporary premises and permanent premises.
14 Facilitation in contracting services of HR , Housekeeping and Security services.

Payroll Management

Our team of domain experts are experienced in providing timely and reliable outsourcing solutions for payroll management to small and large companies. Payroll outsourcing with us is not just a service to the Management but it also provides the value addition to employees for their tax planning needs. The service starts at collecting the data for preparing monthly payroll for the client, processing payroll and pay-slips, deposit of pay cheques, payment of PF and ESI cheques and challans and filing of various statutory returns periodically. We also process and upload the electronic returns for tax deducted at source.

Accounts Management

We provide offline as well as online accounting on diverse accounting platforms like Tally and Quickbooks for Indian as well as international clients. We provide a state of the art work flow management system which enables the client to control the work at every stage. Detailed process documentation and quality check by partners and domain experts allows us to provide 99% accuracy in output.

MIS Reports

The outsourcing of Management information system functions comprise the following activities.
a. Understanding Company policies for accounting with special reference to US accounting standards and Indian Statutory requirements.
b. Cash and bank management.
c. Expenditure Management with Budgetary controls.
e. Fixed Assets and depreciation accounting.
f. Remittance management and Banking functions.
g. Periodical Statutory compliance.

Financial Analysis

In addition to normal auditing and accountancy services, we can assist with the interpretation of management accounts and offer constructive advice so that management can make informed decisions.

With the use of spreadsheets and CAAT tools we can prepare cash flow forecasts and business plans enabling clients to exert effective financial control. Our services include services to small and medium scale industries of Analysis of accounting information and preparing useful MIS reports for faster decision making, stopping erosion of assets, cost cutting and other profit enhancing decisions. Our services in the areas of Payroll Outsourcing and TDS management give tangible benefits to our clients. These services save many small and medium industries of a full fledged Finance Management department and at the same time also allows a reliable third party overview on the running of the business.

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