Information System Practice

In today's business environment almost all concerns use computers for processing various data such as accounts, customer relation management, generating MIS reports, word processing etc. The use of computers has benefited all organisations and has created dependence on the computer systems for smooth operation of the business information systems. Computer environment within an organisation has become a sensitive and critical component for the smooth running of the business. The computer environment is dynamic in nature and changes in the technology happen at a very fast pace. This compels the business to adapt to the changes and overcome problems of compatibility , service problems, resource upgradation costs and user knowledge problems. This necessitates continuous change management planning.

We have been witnessing problems faced by many middle level organisations who keep on adding computers as need arises from time to time without judging the impact of their decision on the business workflow and without considering compatibility with the existing hardware and software. Infusion of latest technology in an existing environment often creates issues of conflicting architecture and as a result a homogenous work platform is not available for smooth workflow. Change management is very critical to avoid such types of problems and also to address Business Continuity planning. We as information system auditors, can assist businesses in change management to avoid pitfalls and disruption of business processes.

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